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Our story

Hey, my name's Emily!

I am the founder of Cork&Canvas.

Before starting the company, my mission was to share my love for all things 'Visual Arts' as an Art and Design Teacher at a number of Secondary Schools. I'd also spent a year travelling around Australia, soaking in a multitude of creative inspiration at every stop along the way.


I am truly passionate about the health benefits of practicing the arts and always revelled in the sunny dispositions of the students leaving my classroom; imaginations unlocked, moods boosted and a sense of pride in their creations. However, I couldn't help but notice how few people continued to draw or paint in their adult lives - despite enjoying experimenting with art as children, like the ones i had taught.


One evening as I was painting myself, my mind drifted and suddenly a crazy idea popped into my head! What if I created a fun, social 'Paint and Sip' event where adults who hadn't painted since high school could come along and get their creative juices flowing again?! It was at this very moment that my 'baby', Cork and Canvas, was born!

 Founder of Cork&Canvas - Emily 

With just 400 pounds in my pocket, I handed in my notice at work and began to develop my small business. Little did I know that so many exciting opportunities were yet to come my way! I decided to launch my 'Paint and Sip' events in Manchester, my home, but my dream is to share my message across the country and beyond - that ART is for everyone.

Being a small business, each and every ticket sale really means so much to me. Thank you for joining me on this creative journey. I'm forever grateful that I get to live out my passion daily and I hope to share my love for paint (and prosecco!) at a Cork and Canvas 'Paint and Sip' event with you soon.


fun fact

Emily met resident artist Beth aka 'Bessie Grace Creates' whilst they were both doing their 'Art and Design Post Graduate Certificate in Education' at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

The two bonded over their shared love for painting (and wine!) and stayed in touch after the completing the course.


Our very first Cork and Canvas event was initially planned to take place at a popular 'Northern Quarter' bar in Manchester. However, due to COVID related reasons, the venue were forced to pull out the day before. After a few stressed tears, Emily put on her big girl pants and began to ring everyone she knew in search of a new venue. 

NAM very kindly agreed to host our 'Paint and Sip' event at their wonderful venue on 'the cutting room square' ...and the rest is history!

An amature artist holding a glass of prosecco with acrylic paint colours on their hands.
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