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Mental Health Awareness Week with VITA ventures

Updated: Jan 22

Cork&Canvas curated a bespoke away day for the employees of Vita Ventures at their

Vita Ventures | Mental Health Awareness Week

headquarters in Alderley Edge.

Fiona approached us with one expectation, that we made the event as "together" as possible to tackle this year's awareness week theme which is loneliness! A challenge we were eager to accept.

Creating art produces dopamine in the brain, making us feel good which increases drive, and improves concentration. When you finish a creative project, you feel an extra boost of dopamine that gives you a sense of accomplishment and improves self-esteem. The perfect activity for mental health awareness week and a great way for your group to get "together!"

Emily got to work coming up with the perfect theme. She decided that when all the individual paintings are put next to each other they would also create one larger piece. Fiona loved the idea and soon it was time to put it to the test.

Mental Health Awareness & Art

Vita Ventures have a beautiful cafeteria, flooded with light, the ideal venue for a summer's day art class.

As you can see below the outcome was simply stunning! We can't wait to repeat this theme again in the future and look forwards to returning to Vita Ventures.


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