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Dentsu Team Building Event

The previous week, I had the privilege of leading a session at Bonded Warehouse in the heart of Manchester City Centre. This 1800s warehouse, thoughtfully renovated to enhance its original features like beams and exposed brick, has become a hub for a vibrant community of creative entrepreneurs.

Among these creatives is Eina, who, along with others, works on the 6th floor at Dentsu. Eina approached Cork&Canvas with a specific goal in mind: to organize a class that would uplift spirits in the midst of January. After some discussion, we settled on a lively painting theme featuring colorful cactuses.

The choice of cacti proved to be an excellent theme for beginners, and I broke down the painting process into easily understandable steps.

As the class concluded, participants shared that the act of painting allowed their minds to temporarily escape from life's troubles, creating a sense of relaxation and calmness.

"We wrapped up the team session by unleashing our creative energies, defeating the January blues with a fantastic Cork & Canvas event. For Dry January, it was transformed into Coffee & Canvas. Here are some wonderful art pieces crafted by the Densu Manchester team. We all had a delightful time. 🩷🌵✨" - Eina, Dentsu

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