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Emily Kate Jackson

Founder and Owner

Emily Kate Jackson, is the Founder and Managing Director of Manchester based 'Paint and Sip' event - Cork and Canvas.

Founded in 2020, Cork and Canvas strives to get as many people feeling free to get creative again as possible - especially those who haven't picked up a paint brush since their schooling days!

As a qualified Secondary School 'Art and Design' teacher, Emily understands first-hand the importance of the arts and the positive mental health benefits that come with practising them. As Pablo Picasso once said,

'Art washes away from the soul,

the dust of everyday life'.

Emily claims that her proudest achievement since starting Cork and Canvas is the client list which has grown exponentially due to her primary focus being centred upon ensuring audience experience is the main priority throughout every event. If you're having fun, so is she!


Emily Kate Jackson
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