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Stuart Barkley

Guest Artist

Stuart Barkley is an artist that lives and works in the village of Ramsbottom, Lancashire. He has joined residents of Ramsbottom to 'Paint and Sip' the night away as a guest artist at Cork and Canvas events held at The Old Bank.

Stuart is best known for his abstract landscape creations in which he has taken inspiration from natural 'beauty spots' such as 'Holcombe Hill' in Bury, as well as his popular live paintings of Weddings under the pseudonym "The Wedding Painter". With a keen eye for detail and a gift for capturing special moments, Stuart brings weddings to life on canvas, preserving cherished memories for couples and their loved ones to treasure forever.

The son of a draughtsman and an art therapist, Stuart was raised amidst a mixture of both parental influences thus inspiring within him, a forte for accuracy and self-expression utilising paint. Stuart is a valued member of the C&C team and looks forward to leading your 'Paint and Sip' event soon!

Stuart Barkley
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