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REFY / SHRINE Away Day Case Study With Jess Hunt and Jenna Meek

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Cork&Canvas curated a bespoke away day for Manchesters very own Jess Hunt and Jenna Meeks multimillion pound companies REFY and SHRINE.

Jenna approached us with one expectation, that SHRINE / REFY should have an away day bigger and better than the last. The sort of client we love!

As it was the first time we had worked with Jenna we threw ourselves into researching so that the day could truly reflect their brand image.

The venue chosen was the Spectrum Studios in Ancoats and the day was to include a brand presentation, food, a cocktail class and Cork&Canvas in the afternoon.

A day build took place to ensure that a fully branded and custom-built bar was installed, as well as sound, and lighting systems and chairs set up ready for their brand presentation in the morning.

We commissioned Danny Keko to teach the cocktail making class and came up with two original cocktails to reflect each brand including The SHRIINE, a Vodka Peach Liquor which was served with a pipette filled with food-safe dye, allowing the individual to decide the brightness of their cocktail taking inspiration from the companies DROP IT hair dye.

Next, it was time to get painting! The theme for the class was Paint Your Inner Queen and was hosted by international visual performer and Drag Queen Banksie, bringing the party atmosphere till late afternoon.

The program of entertainment was curated in full by Cork&Canvas in collaboration with Spectrum Studios.

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